Autism Programs

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) supports seven Autism Support Centers throughout the state including The Autism Alliance of MetroWest, a program of Advocates located in Natick, and Community Autism Resources in Swansea. These two programs are available to support families of individuals with autism who are also served by the South Coastal Family Support Center. Visit the program websites for more information at and

Massachusetts Autism Resource Centers
Autism Alliance of MetroWest MetroWest
Community Autism Resources Southeastern Mass.
Autism Resource Center Central Mass.
Community Resources for People with Autism Western Mass.
Northeast Arc Autism Support Center Northeastern Mass.
The Family Autism Center Norfolk County
TILL's Autism Support Center and Boston Families for Autism Metro Boston

Autism Resources on the Web
Learning disability services and events in eastern Massachusetts
A resource for parents who use low-tech visual supports, communication aids and PECS with their children
A developmental disabilities leadership forum offering courses, discussion groups articles and events
A non-profit organization offering one-day surfing camps for children on the autism spectrum
An internet access web channel that broadcasts interactive programming via the internt, including streaming video related to autism and other nerological disorders.
The website of the Lab of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at Boston University School of Medicine
Offers information about diagnosis, education, treatments, working with schools, testing, estate planning and more
Quick facts and autism resources
Research and drug discovery
Find the right sport for your child
Video tapes and educational materials specific to autism


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